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Milan_Marriage_Inside By Milan and Grace Magar Garry Chapman illustrates that marriages can be seen through the four seasons of winter, fall, summer and spring. As described by Chapman, winter and fall are the most challenging seasons, which require an important strategy to care for marriages.

Milan_Newsletter_InsideIn the latest issue of our South Asia regional newsletter, we share the amazing story of Milan Kumar Magar, who came to faith from a challenging background and home environment in Nepal. Today he and his wife Mitung Seng Hkawn of Myanmar serve the Lord in Nepal, and they are blessed with a girl (Kripa) and a boy (Timothy). 

Passion_Milan_Inside As Milan Magar was reading about the Magar people on the Internet, he was burdened with a deep desire to reach out and help them. “My people are in darkness and living a miserable life without the Living God. It has encouraged me with a passion to reach them with the Gospel," he said.

[caption id="attachment_1848" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Milan and Grace in Kirpa Milan and Grace in Kirpa[/caption] As the Nepalese continue to rebuild their lives following last April’s devastating earthquake, our co-mission partners have kept up their punishing schedule of equipping leaders and workers for Kingdom business and bringing hope to the people.