Young girl with a heart for mission

Young girl with a heart for mission


Kripa sharing her testimony

By Milan Magar

I tried to refrain from writing this but I was very excited and moved by the spirit to share this short testimony of my daughter’s involvement in mission work.

Recently, at our family night prayer, I was sharing with my wife that if we could help the Mushar community with an umbrella it would be a great help for them in this rainy season.

We had gathered 15 good quality mosquito nets for them to distribute but my desire was to give more for the additional families. My wife shared my sentiment but felt that we should defer the idea since our family was financially unstable.

Immediately, I heard a soft voice saying, “I have some money from my birthday gifts, dad. I will give this to buy the umbrella.”

I said, “My daughter, please use it to buy your bicycle.”

But Kripa Magar was adamant about helping the Mushar community with the little money she had.

“Bless them and they will know the love of God from our lives,” said Kripa.

My wife and I were shocked to hear from our daughter who has turned eight years old.

Literally, it was her words in our prayer times. I subsequently brought her to the place to testify how the Lord spoke with her to contribute her gifts to many.

She spoke and shared her blessings in front of these people. I am very proud of my daughter’s heart for mission work.

May the Lord sustain her spirit of giving and sharing well into her adulthood.

Milan Magar is AsiaCMS co-mission partner in Itahari, Nepal