Reconciliation and rehabilitation in prisons

Reconciliation and rehabilitation in prisons


By Rabbi and Chitra Jayakaran

After over a year of background work, Peacemakers’ project for women prisoners, their children and families has begun. These are some of the most neglected people, and we desire for them to experience hope and transformation in their lives.

It is amazing to see all our prayers for staff, office and short-term funding being answered. We believe you will continue to uphold this work and these women in your prayers as also the long-term funding needs.

He makes all things beautiful in His time. Even before we finalised the office and project we had a great team committed passionately to bringing hope and transformation in the lives and families of people in conflict with law.

We have two well-experienced professional social workers who have started some amazing work in the women’s prison.

Both have previously been working in this field and their work is bearing fruit even in this short time. Continue to pray for our team.

We are developing a training module for women prisoners in mental health recovery and personal empowerment and also piloting it. The process of developing and piloting is going side by side.

Kindly uphold this work in your prayers that the women experience healing and restoration, and that this curriculum will be an empowering tool used across prisons in India in the years to come.

Rabbi and Chitra are AsiaCMS co-mission partners in India