Reaching the unreached groups

Reaching the unreached groups

Milan_Unreached_InsideThe Lord has been kind to our co-mission partner Milan Magar, in fulfilling his desire to work with the very neglected and oppressed communities in his midst.

He has had an opportunity to share the good news with Moshar, the least of unreached people groups in Nepal. They are also a marginalised group of the country.

The poverty and illiteracy rates of this community are almost 99.5 percent. Even though the church house was small, their hearts were big enough to love and serve the Lord.

Milan too had an opportunity to share the good news with the Tirkey community in Uraon. There are a few thousand people of this community who have scattered all over Nepal. They had migrated from India, and now are under a group of Nepali “ahadivasi” people. Economically, they are very poor. They need sanitation and education in their community. Religiously, they believe in Hindu deities.

We have been prayerfully looking for ways to impact and improve the lives of some unreached people groups like Moshar, Tirkey, Magar and Rajbanksi. Sometimes we teachers, preachers and speakers are good at delivering the truth but bad at demonstrating the love, care and concern for the marginalised people groups.

Please pray for the protection of the Lord as Milan will also be travelling to different parts of Nepal for teaching, mentoring and speaking in institutions, Christian societies and churches.

Pray that his family may a have deeper encounter with the Lord in their everyday life.