Let our words reflect our works

Let our words reflect our works


By Milan and Grace Magar

Garry Chapman illustrates that marriages can be seen through the four seasons of winter, fall, summer and spring.

As described by Chapman, winter and fall are the most challenging seasons, which require an important strategy to care for marriages.As we reflected on our nine years of married life, we discovered that we ran through the same experiences of moving from one season to another. We too went through the cold breeze of hurts and had withered on some moments of our marriage in misunderstanding.

But at the same time, we had also experienced the best and healthy movement of our marriage life. Now, as we reflect on God’s grace and His faithfulness in our married life for the past nine years, it provides us hope, joy, love and the light for building up our healthy marriage.

It was a very Spirit-filled time to reflect, recommit and restore our healthy marriage as we completed nine years of our journey as husband and wife. Both of us acknowledged that Christ is the centre of our marital relationship.

We have started a culture of reading the living words, reflecting on our relationship, praying and renewing our marriage vow.

It was a good season to appreciate my wife for walking the extra mile, persevering through hardships and trials to better understand me as her life partner.

It gives us power to testify with several couples to have a healthy Christ-centred marriage relationship. Many Christian marriages in our country have been distorted by Satan. We continue to seek His extra grace to be a role model to others.

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